Resource Education
& Agriculture Leadership

REAL Oregon is an annual leadership development program that exposes a cross- section of representatives from Oregon’s natural resources community to the diversity of Oregon’s geography, economy and cultures.

Revised Application Deadline:
Now Due by July 28th.

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REAL Oregon offers an opportunity to bridge the gap between our natural resource industries and urban Oregonians. I’m excited to see a program that will produce leaders in the natural resources sector who not only appreciate the state’s diverse population, but can effectively work with all Oregonians to promote healthy and vibrant agriculture, fishing, and forest products industries.

Katy Coba

Director, Oregon Department of Agriculture

Target Participants

Our Competitive Selection Process Includes:


Natural Resource/Agriculture

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Forest managers
  • Fishery specialists


  • Processors
  • Handlers
  • Vendors
  • Crop consultants
  • Financiers


  • Mill operators
  • Miners

Rural Communities

  • Government services
  • Community leaders


  • Government agencies
  • Oregon State University

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